In Gratitude to our 2016 Donors

2016 Lost Borders Donors

Aaron Claman Ira Orchin Melissa Hay
Alisa Downie Isabel Stenzel-Byrnes Meredith Little
Anne Goding Jaap Hiddink Michael Cecil
Anne Stine James Epstein Michael O'Donnell
Ariel Moody Jana Hendricks Michael Riley
Assumpta Casals Jane Smith Michael Verrilli
Bonnie Alvarez Janet Booth Mike Beck
Brian Sorokin Janet Rodgers Pamela Hines
Carol Ann Sawyer Jennifer Viale Pamela Stones
Carolyn Jackson Jessica Hoagland Pedro & Ruth McMillan
Caroline Pakel Jill Murray Peter Lee
Charles Carlin Jim Mahoney Petra Lentz-Snow
Cheryl Braswell Joan Reeder Randy Wentworth
Christoph Enderlein John & Phoebe Cook Roger & Margot Milliken
Christopher Duggan Jonathan Hefter Ron Hoffman
Christy Hartman Justine Epstein Sabine Hakannson
Clare Tooth Katie Henegan Sahara Chaldean
David Rogers Kathleen Deremer Sam Deboskey
Debbie Donovan Kim Allen Sandra Fisher
Deborah Bradford Kinde Nebeker Sara Harris
Denise Horton Kristin Powell Silke Strunk
Diane Sanson Frank & Keliang Wu Shea Armstrong
Dragonfly Transitions Lauren Hachemeister Stephanie Meyer
Elaine Surowick Linda Mulvany Susan Lewis
Elaine Tosko Louis Bardach Suzie Gruber
Elizabeth Maxwell Louise Loots Tara Milliken
Emerald North Maddisen Krown The Ananda Fund
Eve-Lynn Civerolo Madison McCarty The MCJ Amelior Found.
Fran & Peter Weinbaum Marc Valens The Rosenthal Fam. Found.
Gary Winter Marcin Whitman The Wharton Foundation
George Glass Margaret Dulany Tina Berger
Grant Abert Mary Luddy Tom Hurley
Hugh Grant Max Milliken Trebbe Johnson
Imogen Howe Meiko Xavier Wabun Wind

If you have donated last year and do not see your name listed, or if you would prefer that your name not be publicized in the future, please contact us at


The real ceremony begins where the formal one ends, when we take up a new way, our minds and hearts filled with the vision of earth that holds us within it, in compassionate relationship to and with our world.

Linda Hogan