The Muse: Personal Creativity through the Four Shields

Jul 19th, 2017 - Jul 23rd, 2017
Emerald North

 The muse is an unfathomable creative force that lives within and around us. The Muse is our inspiration for creation. Many of us have forgotten the physical sense and presence of our muse. We knew it as children and at moments of great transitions in our lives. We sense the deep importance of turning our attention to creativity for its own sake, not for profit or fame, but as an active and lively intercourse with our own personal nature as creative beings.

This is a Four Shields Ceremony for those who wish to remember and explore the landscapes of their own creative force -- for those who are willing to enter the darkness of soul, and to erupt into the light of dawn -- for those who insist upon embodying their vision and taking the steps necessary to bring fruition to the dream. You need not be an “artist”, only called to meet your muse and discover new territory within your creative self

In this experiential ceremony, which takes places in mountains of CO, we will journey through regions typified by the four dimensions of our nature, the four shields. We will enter into the silence and observe the movement of the stars. We will pray, beseech, demand, and invite the Muse to teach, enlighten and play with us. We will seek the gifts that are hidden within us and bring them into the light of the sun, using various art forms including clay, paint, poetry, song, and movement.



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