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General Fund:


The School believes in simplicity and we hold the intent of keeping our administrative costs down to the "bare bones"! We own no land, maintain no buildings and have just two part-time paid employees. We are also committed to keeping our programs affordable and paying those who guide for the school decently.  And of course there are always expenses in running a non-profit to keep the computer and website maintained, as well as some basic bookkeeping expenses and those surprises that always arise. Your donation to this fund will assist the daily doings of the School, helping the center fire of the School's administration stay grounded and functional.

The Steven Foster Memorial Scholarship Fund:

For thirty years Steven held a dream along with his beloved Meredith.  Books were written, a documentary made, thousands of circles sat in and thousands of stories listened to, all for the dream. This dream that some day meaningful rites of passage would be available to all people; that through initiatory practices we as a culture, as a species, would move beyond the dark threshold of adolescence and begin acting and making decisions as true stewards of the land and mature lovers of life and community.

The dream continues through all of us.  For modern initiatory practices to move into the body of our culture it will take the support and care of the whole community.  Shortly after Steven’s death in May of 2003 the School of Lost Borders received spontaneous donations, and a request to create a scholarship fund in Steven’s honor. For the last 14 years, with our community's support, this scholarship fund has provided financial assistance to those in need who are strongly called to undertake a rite of passage or to train with the School.  Since becoming a 5013(3) non-profit in 2008, the School provided over 200 scholarships with the help of the Steven Foster Memorial Fund, totaling more than $62,000.

In an effort to support as many people as possible, our policy is to offer scholarships of approximately one third of the base tuition. We also encourage applicants to find and build support in their own communities.  As a donor you can make a donation in a participant’s name to support someone close to your heart directly in their rite of passage, by paying for part of their tuition, and you will still receive the benefit of a tax deduction.  We are fully committed to working creatively with finances, so as to never let money be the obstacle to a rite of passage. 

 Global Fund:

The School is committed to supporting the reintroduction of meaningful and culturally appropriate rites of passage experiences around the world. Over the last decades it has been instrumental in training people in this work from around the globe, providing personal as well as financial support when needed. This has led to an ever growing network of committed and highly skilled guides to carry on the work and training in many countries. The following 3 areas are supported through donations to the Global Fund:

Global Scholarships:

Starting in 2010, the school has begun to offer month-long immersion trainings in the summer, creating the most comprehensive training in our curriculum, with a variety of our senior guides, to enable participants from abroad (and the US) to maximize their time and training with us. Global scholarships play a vital role in enabling people from many countries to be able to come to the month-long training. Traveling expenses alone often make attending a training in the United States almost impossible for those coming from less economically developed countries, even though they are passionate about bringing this work to their communities.

Contributing to this fund will help us to continue to say ‘yes’ to those abroad who have heard the call to bring this work to their people. Over the last few years, we have seen the seeding and the emergence of wilderness rites of passage programs around the world.  Our month-long trainings have folks coming from Austria, Australia, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Italy, Scotland, Slovenia, South Africa and Ukraine. Every year, we pledge several thousand dollars in financial assistance to enable several partial scholarships.

Supporting teachers to travel:

The Global Fund also helps us respond to inquiries from international organizations for trainings or participation in conferences in countries that live with very different economic realities.

Meredith Little, Lost Borders co-founder and guide, has steadfastly followed a deep calling to carry the teachings abroad for many years now and continues to touch the hearts of people across the globe.  With the support of the global fund, she has been able to travel to, and offer courses in Eastern European Countries during the last several years.




Don't ask yourself what the world needs,
ask yourself what makes you come alive,
and then go do that.
Because what the world needs is
people who have come alive.


Howard Thurman