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Corona Virus Update - Leaning into the Unknown
As we make preparations for the upcoming programs at Lost Borders, we are staying closely informed about the coronavirus spread and how it is affecting our ceremonies. Near our locations there is only a minimal number of people who are confirmed as coronavirus-infected. Even so, travel restrictions and recommended social-distancing and shelter-in-place orders have led to the cancellation of several School programs in April, May and June. We are updating our program schedule in real time, as changes occur.

Even once sheltering-in-place rules start to be relaxed, we’ll need to monitor closely which parks and public lands have reopened and what local public health rules are about gatherings. We are as committed to this work as ever, but are equally committed to the health and safety of all, including the local rural communities near our program locations.  Big Pine, for example, is located in a valley known to the local Paiute as Payahüünadü -- a small rural area with few medical resources, which is home to multiple reservations. As we know, indigenous communities and other communities of color are already being disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, which is reason enough not to further expose our local areas. May we each find additional ways to be of support to those left most vulnerable by systemic oppression (before, during and after this pandemic).

When and where we can conduct programs safely, we will do so with a newly developed enhanced wilderness community health protocol to protect the health of our participants and guides as well as safeguard the most vulnerable parts of the general population from further spread. As a School, we’ve always taken a “safety first” approach to the work we do—that has taken on new meaning during this pandemic.

We are feeling deep grief as we have cancelled programs and as we continue to question whether more will be cancelled. At the same time, we see this grief mirrored in many shapes and forms around us, in our local community and in communities around the world. Life as we know it has been suspended. At the same time that our School is being hindered from offering rites-of-passage ceremonies in wild nature, humans worldwide are finding themselves in a collective threshold, with an unbounded amount of implications and invitations.

At a time when there is much talk of 'social distancing' and 'isolation', some of us are being asked to 'hunker down', perhaps learning how to be pilgrims and hermits, using the intimacy of the moment to receive some of the age-old blessings of solitude and retreat. Others of us are out in the fray, doing a myriad of “essential jobs”, providing services to the greater good unlike ever before. Whatever this time is asking of you, may you find the patience and perseverance to move forward with generosity and commitment, even in the midst of fears for our future.

Whatever your particular way is in this time of so many unknowns, know that you are in our hearts and prayers. Over the coming weeks we hope to share as many resources as possible to support the 'bare bones' of the ceremony in creative ways, to hold, witness and move with all that is arising in the collective consciousness, including more frequent than usual newsletters (use this link to the May edition titled 'Threshold').

For general inquiries on self-generated ceremonies in this time of collective crisis, feel free to reach out to school@lostborders.org for resources and support. For questions about an upcoming program, please contact your guide directly.

With love from all of us at Lost Borders


Note:  We encourage you to stay informed through the CDC, and the World Health Organization.