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The School is continually listening for ways that we can support Rites of Passage beyond the scope of our own programs. Yesterday, after getting a strong yes from our community, and in support of the dream of Rites of Passage being available for all youth, our Board whole-heartedly agreed to make a donation to a youth rites of passage documentary being made by Fredrick Marks. We believe this film has the potential to reach many communities and we hope others will join us in supporting it!

Here is some information from Warrior Films website:

Frederick Marx, the Academy and Emmy nominated filmmaker best known for Sundance Film Festival winner, Hoop Dreams, is making a new film about how important it is for teens to receive positive and healthy rites of passage and mentorship into adulthood.

The film is called Rites of Passage: Mentoring the Future (working title) and it will be a 90 minute feature-length documentary that seeks to do for rites of passage what Inconvenient Truth did for global warming - bring it out of the underground into the mainstream.

This game-changing film will not be dependent on traditional forms of commercial distribution to reach its audience and deliver a profound social impact. Rites of Passage organizations worldwide, schools both public and private, youth development organizations like Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Boy Scouts, YMCAs, Boys & Girls Clubs and many more, will be outreach partners. Every outreach screening will be followed by a facilitated discussion, motivating people right then and there to co-create rites of passage for the young people in their own community, transforming each audience into activated citizenry. The goal of the film is nothing less than seeing every teen on the planet initiated.


Mid-Winter Vision Fast

Feb 18th, 2015 - Mar 1st, 2015
Death Valley

In your bones you hear the singing of your sacred ancestors. You follow in their footsteps. You go alone, with an empty belly and a bare minimum of equipment, into the heart of the wilderness, for four days and nights. There you live with yourself, in perfect solitude. You surrender to the mirror of your wild environment, and to memory, the looks-within-place. You enter the mansions of nature’s soul.

CA Men's Vision Fast

Apr 12th, 2015 - Apr 23rd, 2015
Larry Hobbs, Will Scott

 The Gods are calling! The Sun is rising and illuminating a new and yet very ancient story about the value and worth of what it means to be a man. Joseph Campbell knew about this desire, this seeking. He knew that the life of a man was not only about meaning but also about “…the experience and rapture of being alive”. Each one of us must add to this re-membering by bringing our own story fully alive! We owe it to our ancestors, our selves, our families, and all of life.

CA Spring Vision Fast

Mar 16th, 2015 - Mar 27th, 2015
Death Valley

The Vision Fast:  Following the ancient, pan-cultural pathway of fasting alone in the wild, we are called to step into our true nature and remember our home on the earth. In this simple, yet profound way, we can become who we were born to be.

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